the moldy peaches

Jack Dishel was born in Moscow. When he was three years old his family set sail for America. En route they stopped in a glamorous prototype of Italy. A generous offer was made by a newborn gypsy woman to purchase him from his parents and purchase him she did. Her initial offer of donkey marmalade didn't sit right with his shrewd parents, and after some bargaining they got the marmalade and an ancient recipe for vulture curry. An additional childhood later, he was busted for unscripted vigilante behavior in Sweden, Timtomothy, Manistan and eventually America. He had sold over 6,400 copies of his manual for "Hiding A Bigger Black Hole" before Clown College Security eventually caught up with him off the coast of Penpinpen. After serving life sentences in three different strains of the space-time curriculum he was finally released before his initial birth to give it another go. Since these events he has maintained the highest level of secrecy imaginable and all available information regarding him is either a decoy or an oversight. He asks to be forgiven for both.

Jack's new band is called Only Son and his debut album, The Drop To The Top is available for download at the iTunes Music Store. He's been on tour for most of the year playing shows with Regina Spektor, Kimya Dawson, and Adam Green. You may have seen him. You may have not. Either way, photos and written accounts maintain that he was there.

When not touring with Only Son, Jack spends his time leveling various allegations and defending himself against them.

Only Son Website
Only Son on Myspace
The Drop To The Top on the iTunes Music Store

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